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Ak-rowdy Mommy

Being a mommy… in the Ak-rowdy

I don’t know the exact order in which all of the pertinent events transpired, but somehow I have found myself crowned the new reigning Queen of Crafting.  This housemaker stuff is serious business, no?  So since fall is here (yes, yes, autumnal equinox isn’t until the 20th or whatever… blah, blah, blah), of course I feel compelled to fill my house with fall and Halloween handmade paraphernalia.  Poorly made paraphernalia, mind you.  Because Martha Stewart I am decidedly NOT.

So fair warning, there’s probably going to be a fair amount of Halloween craftastic posts, links, so on and so forth in the near future.  Embrace your inner craft goddess, pick up a glue gun, grab a beer (if you’re anything like me, attempting to craft will drive you to drinking) and get to decorating…. NOW!


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