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Ak-rowdy Mommy

Being a mommy… in the Ak-rowdy

I fail at crafting. Despite the fact that I talk so much about it, I suck in a fantastic fashion. Since I’m a glutton for punishment and still insist on pursuing such folly, I have to start early. I need to factor in my procrastination, the 15 times I’m going to rip it apart or throw it out and start over, and all the time spent guzzling beer & ranting about my ineptitude.

So I’m starting Christmas early. I’ve made myself quite the little list for TJ. So far Santa will (hopefully) be bringing her:
– knitted hooded baby doll blanket
– clothes for her baby doll
– crayon roll
– pinwheel

Anyone else crafting some Christmas presents?? I could always add more to my list. It’s not looking intimidating enough yet.


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